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Demola Tampere Spring 2017

March, part II

During March, UI mock-ups have been designed by Hieu and Sultan. Brainstorming, testing and feedback have been collected. Also, project partner have participated and given his feedback. Currently, Hieu is working in developing a survey we aim to use on real potential customers soon. Good job Hieu & Sultan!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.05.20

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March, part I

During March, the first designs started to be ready after much brainstorming, and the team started creating more concrete parts of the prototype.

img_20170301_121844_1024   img_20170316_145658_1024

… testing followed …

img_20170316_160257_1024   img_20170316_160609_1024

… and also the first improvements 🙂

img_20170321_120215_1024  img_20170323_155543_1024

Excellent engineering work by Lasse and Francesc. Great job guys!

Next, March, part II post.

Cheers 🙂

Last week of February

Towards the end of February there were some important changes in the project. Francesc, an exchange student from TAMK joined the team. Welcome Francesc! Francesc has been an excellent addition for the team. At first, the project was mostly about software, automation and embedded systems, but all of the sudden the team realized that there was a need for mechanical engineering as well. We were lucky to find Francesc, a mechanical engineering bachelor student, that together with Lasse could focus on that area.

Finally, our team is set. Details about the team in the next post.

Until next week!

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PlayBook Meeting, 21st of February

On 21st of February took place the PlayBook meeting. During the the previous week, time went into brainstorming and preparing the PlayBook document. The PlayBook document is a great exercise to start thinking about the key factors to success: What is the need? What customer problem are we trying to solve? How will we solve the problem/satisfy customer needs? What are the benefits? What are the competitors?

We had an interesting discussion that helped us focused and understand what is the target and why, and which could be the direction to follow. Another excellent chance to brainstorm together the team and our facilitator Ohad and Baerberg CEO, Vesa-Matti.

Below our version of NABC (Need- Approach- Benefits- Competitors) model canvas.



Busy Bees 🙂

Brainstorming, 14th of February

On week 7, the team started brainstorming. Lots of ideas and different paths towards different possible solutions to test… Very interesting and valuable starting points were selected. First milestones were decided and research on different topics started!!


Keep in touch,

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Meeting the project partner, 8th of February

On February 8th took place the initial meeting. Finally, we got to meet the project partner, Vesa-Matti Marjamäki, founder and CEO of Baerberg. Also our facilitator, Ohad Shevily attended the meeting. First, Ohad presented a summary of Demola practicalities. After that we had a short presentation of each of the meeting’s participants. Next, Vesa-Matti explained in detail what is the challenge we are expected to solve during the Spring. Exciting!


At the end of the meeting, we had our first brainstorming!! Here is the result:


Best regards,

Busy Bees 😉

Demola Spring 2017 Kick-off Event, 31st of February

Demola Spring 2017 campaign kick-off event took place on 31.1.2017 @New Factory, located at the old cotton mill in Tampere downtown. For most of us was the first time visiting New Factory and we had the chance to meet the awesome Demola Tampere facilitators!! During the event we received an introduction about what is Demola, as well as all the practicalities and very useful and yet motivational tips to succeed in our projects.  Continue reading “Demola Spring 2017 Kick-off Event, 31st of February”

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