Demola Spring 2017 campaign kick-off event took place on 31.1.2017 @New Factory, located at the old cotton mill in Tampere downtown. For most of us was the first time visiting New Factory and we had the chance to meet the awesome Demola Tampere facilitators!! During the event we received an introduction about what is Demola, as well as all the practicalities and very useful and yet motivational tips to succeed in our projects. 

Innovation, inspiration, motivation, dedication, thinking out of the box, getting the hands dirty, being agile and iteration were the key points to bare in mind. After that, we had couple of ice breaker games and then got to meet our team!! And what could be the best way to introduce team members ans start cooperation asap? Yay! The marshmallow challenge 🙂

So here it is everyone!! Baerberg’s Busy Bees team!! (and the spaguetti-tape-marshmallow mess :P)

This is going to be an exciting semester….Stay tuned 😉

Lasse, Hieu, Enbo, Sultan & Tatiana